About Us

Vision (Finding and Delivering Quality Products)

Crannies Little Shop of Ouality offers you a one-stop-shop  showcasing the extraordinary in the ordinary by reviewing and communicating the WOW factor in everyday gift items for family, friends and your precious pets.

Crannies Little Shop of Ouality saves you time by documenting the best available items for you and all your loved ones including the furry ones. Our goal is to promote with integrity for all your family and friends  a range of gifts that show your true affection for them. ‘Live life large’ is vision of this site to create and maintain bonds of friendship and love  between us all to promote feelings of excitement, connection and well being.


To enhance the lives of our valued customers through the identifying and reviewing  quality items to create feelings of connection for all ages and enhance the real joy of  life.  The mission is  to give exceptional customer service by evaluating products that say something about both the giver and the receiver to suit people of any age enhancing feelings of being appreciated at any age from new babies to the elderly .

The scope of gifts from Crannies

I invite you to check in to  see what  trends in the range of special pampering, functional and lifestyle-enhancing gifts that are available in this amazing online world.  The common gift lines for most of the community  include our beloved pets, babies and older offspring at different ages, men and women and homeware.  Gift Products can also  strive to promote  a healthy life style and be more linked to playing and watching sport events  sport. and are associated with products of quality that  have grabbed our attention and we hope they elicit the same feelings in you our customers. Many of the products on this site are current market place items that are gaining in popularity through general usage. From our knowledge and reviews of products from a range of options in the online market space  we affirm to YOU the customer that on this site we will always seek to produced unbiased reviews to deliver the best user experience to the customer.

My story

Age-wise  I am in my early 70s   representing the demographic of post-war baby boomers, living in a current young adult demographic of millenials.  From previous long term exercise regimes I have still been able to undertake exercise on a daily basis. Through living most of my life in the tropics and subtropics I have embraced an outdoors lifestyle playing my favourite sports of tennis and golf and feeling comfortable in casual sports-oriented clothing, equipment and transport modes that makes me feel more relaxed, vital and alive in my body. For me  innovations in sports equipment, personal mobility options, health products and advances in options to exercise promote a vital, energetic lifestyle that previous generations have not been able to access.

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To link into each of the specific product types on this site I have include convenient links below: –

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